Holiday Tea Inspiration


The holidays are my favorite time to sip a cup of hot tea. There's nothing like being cozy in pajamas and holding a hot cup of tea in your hands when it's a cold night.

I have always loved peppermint tea no matter the season, but it does feel extra fitting in the winter. I am so excited for our new winter tea blends!

Winter Wonderland has a citrus mint flavor and has a little kick of clove to it. Snuggle Up contains the perfect amount of mint and is great for the tummy after all those holiday meals. And my new favorite Blood Orange Crush, which seriously tastes like an orange julius and has tons of antioxidants from the Rooibos tea.

All of these teas are caffeine free and so delicious. We are now offering all of these flavors in loose leaf teas as well, and you can buy samples of our flavors for just $5.00 each so you can try all of them to find your favorite. If you want to really take these teas over the top I love to add a fresh sprig of mint or a cinnamon stick to any of these teas to really heighten the sense of winter and getting cozy.

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