Countess Grey Hemp-Infused Tea
Countess Grey Hemp-Infused Tea

Countess Grey Hemp-Infused Tea

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Move over, Earl. 

The Countess is here and she's bringing her lavender highness
to amp up your basic af bergamot.

This tea brews bold and fragrant with a perfect balance of flavors
to make the perfect cup of lavender earl grey tea.

Perfect for making a London Fog or simply enjoying by itself.
Contains: Black Tea, Blue Cornflowers, Lavender, and natural flavors

Each of our teas is made with Nano-ized High Absorption Hemp
We use only the highest quality 100% nano hemp to maximize
delivery without any impact on flavor.

10 tea sachets per pack

Each is sachet is hand blended and measured to ensure
a precise 10mg dose per tea.

Full Spectrum contains <.3%thc
Broad Spectrum contains no thc

Customer Reviews

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Alicia Kangas

This tea tastes incredible, and there is just something about it that’s gives me this amazing soothing feeling of warmth, and total bliss throughout my body while I am drinking it!! It is like drinking a cup of heaven!! I have fallen in love with all of the teas I have tried so far, and feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have found my new favorite Tea Company!!

Thank You So Much TWIN FLAME TEA CO!!💕🌼🍃

Kim, @leapoffaith_yoga
Pretty to look at, delicious to drink

This tea has a beautiful aroma and the lavender and earl grey flavors blend so delightfully. It's also such a pretty tea to look at, too with the Blue Cornflower and Lavender in it. Each bag makes a perfect cup of tea... actually each bag can make multiple perfect cups of tea.


Absolutely fantastic and the flavor is so addicting

Alex Lebensburger

So calming and delicious! I can’t wait to pair it with a book on my bookstagram!

Regina T.
So delicious!

This tea not only taste great but it very soothing and calming! Will definitely order again and recommend to friends!

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