You-Need-To-Calm-Down Chamomile Peppermint Tea

You-Need-To-Calm-Down Chamomile Peppermint Tea

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This relaxing herbal caffeine-free chamomile tea is sure
take the edge off your day.

Contains: Organic chamomile, organic peppermint.
This is the perfect sleepy time blend, sure to put you down
for the count, or just help you relax before a stressful
meeting or activity. You need to calm down with this blend.

Each of our teas is made with Nano-ized High Absorption Hemp
We use only the highest quality 100% nano hemp to maximize
delivery without any impact on flavor.

10 dazzling tea bags per pack

Each is bag is hand blended and measured to ensure
a precise 10mg dose per tea.

Full Spectrum contains <.3%thc
Broad Spectrum contains no thc

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