I Love You So Matcha Hemp-Infused

I Love You So Matcha Hemp-Infused

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This organic matcha is the perfect way to have your daily dose of CBD.
Try it hot or iced and reap the benefits of green tea in a 
refreshing and beautiful way.
Filled with antioxidants this good for you beverage is delicious on its own, it follows that up with a luxurious
or experiment with adding ginger, berries or oatmilk.
Enjoy matcha your way while delivering a ton of vitamins and antioxidants to boost
your immune system.

Contains: Organic Matcha

Each of our teas is made with Nano-ized High Absorption Hemp
We use only the highest quality 100% nano hemp to maximize
delivery without any impact on flavor.

1.5 oz

Full Spectrum contains <.3%thc
Broad Spectrum contains no thc

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Kim, @leapoffaith_yoga
Delicious and versatile

I love the hemp infused matcha. It's perfect to add to a latte, smoothie or baking recipe. It's so versatile and flavorful.

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